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Database Center for Life Science (DBCLS) hosts your database as a public scientific archive.

What is TogoDB?

TogoDB presents a simple and quality database service. User can deploy a database within a few minutes.

Quick start

TogoDB simply accepts tabular formatted data which can be easily exported from standard spreadsheet applications.

  1. Obtain your own OpenID (or use 'guest' account for trial)
  2. Login to the TogoDB system
  3. Upload your CSV data and follow the instruction (sample file)
  4. Customize columns and views (if needed)
  5. Make it public or privately invite your colleagues to complete your DB

That's it! See the tutorial ( English, Japanese) for more details.


In contrast to its simplicity, TogoDB comes with remarkable features which many life science databases often lack:


Terms of service

TogoDB service is free and open to all users. Please read English or Japanese version of the "Terms of Service" for more details.

Public databases

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